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CNY 2024 Dragon

e-Greeting & Motion Graphic Design.

melisten | Sound Of Home

In-Train Panel Design.

Mediacorp | eDM Design

eDM Design.


Digital Banner Design For H-TWO-O Social Media Page.

Golden Chef | CNY Gift Box

CNY Gift Box Design.

meWATCH TVC Tag On Design

Video Production.

mewatch | AFA Singapore

POSM & Motion Graphic Design.

Yeo’s Chrysanthumum Tea Less Sugar, No Sugar & Honey

Dedicated Mascot Design & Packaging Design For Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea.


CNY e-Greeting & Motion Graphic Design.

H-TWO-O x MPL Motion Graphic Design

Thematic Campaign In-Store Structure, POSM Design & Motion Graphic.

Yeo's Asian Drink Packaging Design

Creative Concept, Packaging Design, Motion Graphic & 3D Rendering.

Golden Chef CNY Motion Graphic Design

Creative Concept, Recipes Booklet Design, Image Production & Motion Graphic Design.

Golden Chef CNY Campaign | Delectable Treasures

Get together with your loved ones and bond over a sumptuous spread of festive dishes, symbolic of family harmony and good fortune. Golden Chef offers a splendid array of abalones and clams which are ideal for whipping up a feast at home.

NESTUM® Brown Rice Matcha Cereal Milk Drink

Made with the nutritional goodness of brown rice and matcha from Uji Japan, your nutritious cereal beverage for breakfast or as a snack in-between meals.


NESTLÉ® OMEGA PLUS® milk beverage is a special purpose food intended for people who want to lower their blood cholesterol level.

FairPrice Cuttlefish Ball

New FairPrice Cuttlefish Ball available in 500g pack. You can deep fry it, heat it with microwave, steam it for 2-5 minutes, boil in hot soup or stir fry with other delicacies. Enjoy it with the way you like!

NESCAFÉ® Gao Siew Dai Kopi-C

Inspired by traditional coffee shops since the early 1900s, with strong roasted coffee beans, paired with the smoothness of evaporated milk, your day is sure to start right with it.

Life Oolong Tea Packaging

Life Oolong Tea No Suger Added 1L, traditionally hand-picked & processed, brewed with Si Ju Chun & Tie Guan Yin. Healthier choice & Made in Japan.

Venus & Mars Moisturizing Body Wash

Venus & Mars Moisturizing Body Wash available in Whitening, Healthy Skin & Antibacterial Body Wash – Active Fresh. Formulated for long lasting and moisturizing effects, softens and nourishes the skin all-day-long.

Life Japanese Green Tea Packaging

Life Jasmine Green Tea Less Sugar & Japanese Green Tea No Sugar 1L.
Healthier choice & Made in Japan.

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